Hey!...Wanna Enhance Self-Dignity One Step Higher? Put a Custom Pen in Your Shirt Pocket…


Among all other literary needs, use of pens and paper are most required. Without their existence, nothing is possible. However, despite their use you must also know that tradition of gifting a pen, as a symbol of aesthetcity and elegant choice from ancient time; from where the finix of educated civilization had started to fly. In this page also, we will do cherish the age old habit but with modern sophistication. Therefore, grab my hand and let’s land into the page of personalized pens of vibrant style and endless styles. So, folks…are you ready?


Personalized pens? Is there any specified need of getting?

Of course…it does. But if you feel not to having one…that’s a different part. But the ritual of gifting and being with an elegant custom pen that radiates elegance throughout whole has already been cultured. Therefore, few prominent examples as replicas of their models are presented.


Father got promoted to the last stage of honor? Do eulogize his honor and respect through it…

Does your father work as police inspector? In the last 4 years of his professional career he finally has promoted to District police in-charge? No doubt, it’s a bulky and radiating position. Therefore all family members are very happy with him. Hence, as his only first kid, you do honor him with a royal parker pen while keep his name engraved on it’s top. He will completely be bogged into an emotional condition; honored while carried away with sobbing emotion.


Wanna rattle tiniest member in the house while relishing overwhelm in his eyes?

Suppose, the tiniest fellow in the house who is about get into 7 years two weeks after. No doubt his mind is in the peak of energy and full of life for now. Thus, whilst he has already anticipated a grand celebration in this day, you do give him special attention through amassing vibrant gifts and assimilate all these together in a complete buffet. Therefore, do get a name printed pen and a small kitty diary for him; and inculcate him how to start new good habits further.


Getting bored by alone? Treat yourself differently…

Let’s say…spending one more single day alone in this January is getting tougher for you day by day. It is indeed an unfortunate story then. Because, all of your festive moods have been spent with friends’ company. This year is the only fluctuation.

Hey…don’t get upset. I am with you! And you know what…sometimes spending some solo time is also as important as taking a therapy. Thereby, arrange a solo dinner date with favorite gift sets. Order your all-time favorite leather hand bind dairy along with a custom name engraved pen, toast the night with your favorite wine. You’ve grown up kid! Have some solo time then.


Last but not the least…have a scout to this amazing store for getting through a beautiful marshal of personalized pen drives…

Today’s markets are highly competitive because of congestive accommodation of deluge of analogous stores. Therefore, choosing a particular matching with needful features as per specification is time consuming to some extent. Hence, if you are in dearth of time, so, looking more into a shortcut—delve into Printland’s store. Here, a custom pen does start with only from rs. 79/- with an incredible additional discount. And moreover if you want to get custom pens, more in number then not to specify—price will be deprecated one step downwards. Hence, don’t let the party mood to fade away rather embrace the vibe in self-centric way!!

Looking for a Suitable Option to Lid Scathing Winter’s Saw Tooth? Grab a Sipper…


Winter has come across a long way and now almost is in it’s peak of showing magic! When the temperature is just 2 degree away from freezing and immediate surrounding is wincing more intensely than what it feels below freezing point, what else could be highlighted as extreme torment of winter bite!...I have no idea. However, life and stomach won’t listen to any circumstance, even a catastrophic blizzard going on. Therefore, accompanied with appropriate protection gears we have to step out from house. And these are a set of suitable warm clothes, boots and of course metal sipper or thermo flasks that are capable of maintaining temperature for a longer time period.


However, you must have heard that things for regular need must not be deprived of style and flamboyance. These can also be carried as essential needful draping with elegant styles. Thus instead of simple flask or sipper, one may customised these as well.


In how many ways a custom sipper can be used as well as gifted?

Well, a sipper is the official as well as enhanced form of a water bottle. However, as per present varieties these are available in three basic forms; metal sipper, plastic sipper, water bottles and lastly thermo flask; completely of another genre. To gifting a custom sipper—you may lean on the following tips.


Get a customised cello sipper for your sporty brother…

Suppose you brother is a sport freak and throughout January he is up to continuous series of cricket matches. Therefore, to fuel his ebullient spirit this new year pack a customised cello sipper for him and mindfully print on it—go my Alexa, go and smash the field. I can’t wait more to watch you winning….


Get an adorable printed flask for your baby daughter…

As a parent you are always worried about your tiny, cheerful daughter who is just 5 years old. While this time winter is more intense than previous year, you may feel to be more cautious of her health. Hence, this new year wrap a box of surprise gift—consist of a pink flask printed the photo of Cinderella and a satchel and then surprise her on the night of 31st December. Let’s observe how she expresses her ebullience!


Looking for a budget friendly promotional gift hack? Try a set of logo printed water bottles…

Let’s assume in the middle of January there will be a grand promotional event on behalf of your company and lots of foreign investors would be attending as special guests groups on the show. Hence, treating them should be transcendent and abstract from all others.  But as budget has become one of the major constrains due to this year’s covid massacre, it’s hard for planning expensive gifts for the team even you wish to. But there is a shortcut of impressing them with economic yet smart gift packs and that is getting a set of logo printed custom water bottles along with smart logo printed card holders. I hope, this idea would work for the plan to make it shine.


How to and where to get customised sippers or water bottles?...

Well, let’s not prattle, directly ponder to the main point. Dive into the website of printland.in and fetch the rest. But one thing I wish to assure that it indeed is a budget friendly gifting store. For instance, you can pick a custom sipper just at rs. 239/- including additional 10% discount. And for plastic water bottles the price is almost negligible, just have started from rs. 43/- or so.

However, there are few associated lucid steps for making a custom sipper or bottle. These are…

  • Google printland.in and then ponder into it’s site.
  • Explore all of it’s window if a first time visitor. Then get ready for the window you are looking for, i.e. customsied sipper.
  • Choose one that meets your need. For instance, it’s a customised cello sipper or a photo printed flask.
  • Now mast to the editing page and upload an image of your choice. It could also be a quote.
  • Adjust the position as required and that’s all.

Hence, stop waiting for my assurance more. Just have couple of rambles on the site and peak a sipper or few bottles form there. Remember, winter discount is prevailing now which is temporary. So be wise and just don’t lose this golden chance of grabbing one under a mouth shutting price. Enjoy.

An Ideal Destination for Corporate Gifts at Lurking Budget…

f:id:roshan_jha:20201130155819j:plainThe basic difference between promotional gifts and personalised gifts I guess everyone does know; that is promotional or corporate gifts are much professional or decent than simple gifts. There are relevant reasons as well for being these gifts to be smart and are of brilliant get as these are solely for working performances. Since, the dawn of business concept of promotions and promotional gifts are coming around. However, with the change of decade the style of gifting has also been changed. Thus personalised promotional gifts overrides today’s corporate gifting market. So, let’s have a quick read on various types of these gifts.


An amid magic store of multifarious corporate gifts; Printland.in…

Today’s online market is market is full of everything, starting from a grocery shop to a specialized shop you can find anything just by one click. Thus, finding a custom store from online is not a big deal. But what does matter is checking for whether special needs of a person do align with the store or not. The needs could be several, budget especially for middle class, quality, finishing and so on. Thus to summing all these in to a nutshell could be hectic for few cases. However, don’t worry. I’m going name a store which is an amalgamation of all these together. It’s name is printland.in and is a indeed budget friendly one. For a corporate gift from the store starts pricing from rs. 25/- onwards.


Popular printed combos…

Let’s start with popular combos gift first.


The combo of diary and pen

The antediluvian yet most significant one. From an official promotion to in-house party these duo can efficiently be used as corporate gifts. Make these logo printed to getting additional attention.


A leather key chain and wallet

This pair can be gifted as impressive gifts at tea time office party. Gifting those, can boost up employees mind towards work more valorously.


A thermo flask and logo printed badge for attending outdoor promotion…

If there is any need to attend outdoor promotional shows then these air could be suggested as gift options for special groups of business friends who are also going to be there.


A logo printed coffee mug and a coffee mat for the employees…

A cup of steaming coffee is a must for each employee while mired under severe pressure. Thus go for these set any time; for in-house promotion does not need any special time.


A paperweight and a name slip…

This pair is for those companies which have faced significant economic loss this year due to pandemic outbreak. Therefore in the coming promotional event you can go for this gift option if can’t afford the higher one. And make these logo printed mindfully.


Popular desktop printing item gifts…

For these, there is no special time adherent for gifting. Thus, the top list of these gifts are…

  • A name engraved pen drive
  • A desk pen stand with a pen holder
  • A table clock and a pen holder
  • A multi utility box along with an embodiment
  • A logo printed desk calendar
  • A pair weight and pop up holder
  • A mobile pop up holder
  • A photo frame and a pen
  • A custom mug and table mat
  • A coaster and mouse pad
  • A desk calendar along with a clock

In these way there are many more on the list. To know the details, it’s better paying a quick look to printland’s  corporate gifts store. You will be impressed not only with it’s price range for each product, as I have said earlier you may get additional discount also in bulk purchase. So, if there is a plan of promotional event nearby you may opt for printed corporate gifts in bulk, of course if these meet your need. Enjoy. 

Illuminate Promotional Show by Arranging and Wrapping a Set of Beautifully Printed Diaries…


The whole has surpassed just like a wink of eye. When it has started…it’s hard to get any clue about that and now it’s in its verge. However, since the new year is down the line and it’s varies significantly for each of us, let’s celebrate this very auspicious day with a cordial heart and beautiful custom new year diaries.


Go through varieties of logo printed diaries and buy it bulk for the upcoming promotional shows…

Although using diary as a promotional gift is an older idea yet time twirls, you know. For this, covid has massacred lives so terrifically that all corporate have nothing left to lend on those old, superseded ideas. Like, gifting diaries as promotional gifts, like promotional planners, notebooks and so on.


However, whenever the subject does intricate regarding a business promotion and suitable gift, the number is gifts would be more in bulk that single purchase. Thus, better listen to my advice at least for this year and go for promotional diaries from an outstanding store printland.in, where the price of a diary has started as low as rs. 25/- and goes up eventually as per budget limit. Here are few ideas given below.



A leather planner along with a custom pen for special clients groups…

In each promotional show,  a group of special clients have always been invited on behalf of any company. Thus, as they are special, there gift should also be. So, wrap a combo of leather planner and a metal parker pen. And mindfully make it printed as diary 2021 along with company’s logo on it.



A set of name printed notebooks for whole employee team…

After the completion of a successful promotion when everything is about to wind up, and as a boss you feel very proud for all of your employees, do surprise as well as honour them with a pair of notebook and trophy and throw a small office party on this behalf.



A combo of leather diary and trophy of accolade for the managers…

Managers, being HR or executive are most busy in an office. Thus they deserve a little more respect than other. So, treat them respectfully and eulogize their effort along with special name printed leather dairy and a trophy of accolade.


A diary as a special gift for a special one…

Not just as a promotional staff, a diary imprints equally on your special one’s mind; let say for you sibling or parent or someone who subtly shakes your heart. Thus, pick a leather hand bind diary for them and just make them happy.

So, if you want to treat the coming month differently but economically both professionally and personally do gift a diary and make everyone happy.

Grab a Pair of Colourful Custom Tee Just at Rs. 99/- From This Grand Flash Sale…


I won’t wonder if the habit of long tiring office work fades away for all of you who are working professionals. Side by side, the habit of donning formal attires has become timid. Because, 9 months long ‘work-from-home’ culture due to amid bane of covid outbreak. The effect is more intense for the containment zones. However, whatever costs us let’s no go into that discussion rather move to the topic of how a father and a son or a professional and an artisan becomes identical! Sounds crazy? May be. But you know what; casual dressing has become the pseudo reason for this change. How? Well, name a person who despises to wear a tee? I bet you won’t find any. Thus, for the rules in works place everyone has to follow the rule and when the concept itself gets turned over, who cares to wear those boring dresses? Jokes apart…


So, in this regard if you want gift your friend, partners and even foes!! a casual tee to work comfortably in home check out this store; printland.in, all about an outstanding collection of personalised t-shirts just at flat rs. 99/-. And the store is also popular for it’s unique t-shirt printing styles.


Grab a personalised t-shirt just at rs. 99/-…

That’s very factual indeed. You can gab any of these irrespective of ages from it’s flash t-shirt sale. There is no limit of doing experimentation with printing styles. And moreover no extra penny is added to grab it. You can pick any colour and any style for the person you want to wrap it. 

And moreover for this winter recently it has also launched it’s winter t-shirt collection sale. So, the ideas and names of budget effective stores will always be given by me now it’s about you whether to be eluded by the offer or not.


A flawless and compact collection of promotional t-shirts…

The time phase from Diwali to new year, is truly the ideal time for professionals for podcasting promotional shows. As climate, weather and yearly augmented, surplus budget everything gets in it’s favour. Hence, although this year covid outbreak hinders company’s budget yet everything can adeptly be managed through looking for economic promotions and gifts. Thus, opt for a set of logo printed promotional t-shirts under same price range, rs. 99/- and make the event within the frame.

Methods for t-shirt printing…

Here come the technical methods of t-shirt printing. Don’t worry, there is no difficulties in it, infact the method is very simple. Which are

  • First, Google Printland.in and enter to site.
  • Explore the site, if you are a first time user. Go through the details and amass relevant information.
  • Knock to the world of t-shirts. Check the styles and varieties of all ages.
  • Pick as per requirement and head towards editing page.
  • Upload any image or template you want to see on the tee top.
  • Adjust the image a little and just tab finish button.

In this way, just by devoting few minutes you can make own style custom tees. So, have a personal visit to the store for better idea. And then order the number you want. But be a little fast because the sale is about wind up. Enjoy festive mood.

Bring Home a Dazzling Custom Realme Back Cover in This Diwali…


A customised mobile cover just at rs. 295/-! Oh my god! Am I in dream? No, dear you are not. Because, printland.in, India’s biggest custom online store is endowing a grand personalised gift festival, yarr! How come you oblivion to that? You can pick anything from their site just from rs. 99/-! And all custom mobile covers at that price! So, what else big announcement you’ve been waiting for!


Anyway, have you bought a realme 6 pro just one week back? Then you must be yet to finish with all of its’ protective accessories. I mean mobile cover, screen protector and so. Then do one thing, warp it with a personalised realme 6 pro mobile cover! You know,…as the festive mood prevails everywhere why don’t embellish the mobile cover dazzlingly? After all everything is fair in love and style! So, have a quick peep into printland’s mobile cover wall, especially in the section of realme mobile covers.


Printland.in and it’s stylish mobile covers…

Not just the diversity of mobile covers are just endless for each brand. However, in this blog I will keep my vigilance only upon realme covers. The variety of styles and models are just overwhelming for each kind of model including the latest models. And there are so many options handy options in context of design and printing. These are 3D, 2D, designer etc., generally made up with plastic, fiber, so on. For example, you may want to gift a photo printed realme X2 back cover on your wife’s birthday for her new mobile. You can easily do so. Or want to grab a stylish custom realme 6 back cover. Then too, no problem does exist in case of printing anything except following few steps. These are

  • Firstly, do knock to printland.in and then navigate to its realme mobile cover page.
  • Then check all the available styles and then choose one as per availability based on of your phone. Imagine, you want a name printed personalized realme 6 pro mobile cover. So, first check whether the model is there or not at that time.
  • Now, move to editing page. It’s the main page. Upload the name or quote you want. And adjust a little as per need. And then click on the finish button.

This is how the process is accomplished. Ideally it does not count more than five minutes. But expertise does vary a little, sometimes. Hence, grab a printed realme back cover and vain brazenly in this Diwali.

Ornate Your House Again Just Before Diwali Comes In...


Diwali is just coming by. You may have thought of several new ways to decorate your house. It may be bunch of colourful lights, a chandelier and a new pine wood veneered name plate in front of the door gate. Whatever style you have kept in mind, it’s clear that in festive season everyone wants to remain happy and enjoy fullest. Hence, to embrace in possible way in this blog, I will name such a decorative kit without which proper house furnishing would be incomplete. So, come on let’s have a detail read on various types of name plates along with anticipated styles and designs.


First of all where should any one buy an outstanding name plate?

 Well, it’s needless to say that a name plate is a customised product. That means, your choice will be given priority while making it. And you can select any online and offline store as per your specification. But you know what?...time is precious in today’s condition, so we barely have any extra time left despite daily chores. This eventually resulted into ascending dependency on online purchase; you may think it as vulpine but trust there as such nothing after all it’s a worthy business strategy as well. Thus, if you believe my words can rely on purchasing a new name plate from online store, like Printland.in.

Herewith, I must endow a good news. Printland.in, India’s biggest online custom shop is giving a grand sale offer for this festive season, where you can buy a personalised name plate just from rs. 99/- along with instant 15% discount. So, hurry up to utilize this golden time.


A heterogeneous store of name plates for variable purposes…

The store is not just a nucleus for customised gifts but for endless styles of online name plates as well. These are imparted into two parts.


Personalised home name plate

This is for individual purpose, which can be designed as per events. Thus absolutely benign if holds a colourful and bright appearances. Few of its types are


A salt-pepper stony name plate

For those, who own a personal house or the royal places, like a big restaurant or museum which keen to entail their gorgeous and classic appearance, this one is ideal for that purpose. Imagine, the gate up of Hyatt hotel which grandiloquently exhibits it’s excellence through it’s classic appearance along with name plates.


A wooden name plate along with a golden veneer

This one is most popular among all. A wooden name plate goes absolutely perfect anywhere, anytime. Being it for an apartment or a bungalow, it’s always perfect.


A colourful name plate for Diwali

Diwali is such a festival that smears colours to each of our mind. Thus we decorate and redecorate all of our belongings in myriad ways, which does not skip existence of a name plate as well. So, for Diwali why don’t buy a temporary colourful name plate for home? It’s a good idea.


Official name plates

This one is unlike a home. For it’s has to amalgamate delicacy and professionalism together. Thus, has to have a serious impact. Hence, a metal veneered name plate is all time favourite among professional sectors. Otherwise you can use a pine wood name plate or an oak wooden material. These are also good options.


How to customise a name plate online?

Well, till now you have get to know about the possible types of it. Now, it’s time to penetrate into methodological strategies.

  • First, Google Printland.in and enter into the site.
  • If you are first comer, do a research on all of its products, quality, price ranges and so on.
  • Then open the page of name plate online. Moor to the page.
  • Explore all of these. And pick one as per demand. For instance, you may want one to redecoration of house in the Diwali.
  • Go to the editing page. Upload pictures, images, names etc.
  • Adjust little as required and that’s it. Place the order button.

It’s simple and lucid. Only two you need to get a name plate. One, few bucks and second, a couple of minutes to customise it. Hence, this Diwali stay colourful and propagate colour among other.