Looking for a Suitable Option to Lid Scathing Winter’s Saw Tooth? Grab a Sipper…


Winter has come across a long way and now almost is in it’s peak of showing magic! When the temperature is just 2 degree away from freezing and immediate surrounding is wincing more intensely than what it feels below freezing point, what else could be highlighted as extreme torment of winter bite!...I have no idea. However, life and stomach won’t listen to any circumstance, even a catastrophic blizzard going on. Therefore, accompanied with appropriate protection gears we have to step out from house. And these are a set of suitable warm clothes, boots and of course metal sipper or thermo flasks that are capable of maintaining temperature for a longer time period.


However, you must have heard that things for regular need must not be deprived of style and flamboyance. These can also be carried as essential needful draping with elegant styles. Thus instead of simple flask or sipper, one may customised these as well.


In how many ways a custom sipper can be used as well as gifted?

Well, a sipper is the official as well as enhanced form of a water bottle. However, as per present varieties these are available in three basic forms; metal sipper, plastic sipper, water bottles and lastly thermo flask; completely of another genre. To gifting a custom sipper—you may lean on the following tips.


Get a customised cello sipper for your sporty brother…

Suppose you brother is a sport freak and throughout January he is up to continuous series of cricket matches. Therefore, to fuel his ebullient spirit this new year pack a customised cello sipper for him and mindfully print on it—go my Alexa, go and smash the field. I can’t wait more to watch you winning….


Get an adorable printed flask for your baby daughter…

As a parent you are always worried about your tiny, cheerful daughter who is just 5 years old. While this time winter is more intense than previous year, you may feel to be more cautious of her health. Hence, this new year wrap a box of surprise gift—consist of a pink flask printed the photo of Cinderella and a satchel and then surprise her on the night of 31st December. Let’s observe how she expresses her ebullience!


Looking for a budget friendly promotional gift hack? Try a set of logo printed water bottles…

Let’s assume in the middle of January there will be a grand promotional event on behalf of your company and lots of foreign investors would be attending as special guests groups on the show. Hence, treating them should be transcendent and abstract from all others.  But as budget has become one of the major constrains due to this year’s covid massacre, it’s hard for planning expensive gifts for the team even you wish to. But there is a shortcut of impressing them with economic yet smart gift packs and that is getting a set of logo printed custom water bottles along with smart logo printed card holders. I hope, this idea would work for the plan to make it shine.


How to and where to get customised sippers or water bottles?...

Well, let’s not prattle, directly ponder to the main point. Dive into the website of printland.in and fetch the rest. But one thing I wish to assure that it indeed is a budget friendly gifting store. For instance, you can pick a custom sipper just at rs. 239/- including additional 10% discount. And for plastic water bottles the price is almost negligible, just have started from rs. 43/- or so.

However, there are few associated lucid steps for making a custom sipper or bottle. These are…

  • Google printland.in and then ponder into it’s site.
  • Explore all of it’s window if a first time visitor. Then get ready for the window you are looking for, i.e. customsied sipper.
  • Choose one that meets your need. For instance, it’s a customised cello sipper or a photo printed flask.
  • Now mast to the editing page and upload an image of your choice. It could also be a quote.
  • Adjust the position as required and that’s all.

Hence, stop waiting for my assurance more. Just have couple of rambles on the site and peak a sipper or few bottles form there. Remember, winter discount is prevailing now which is temporary. So be wise and just don’t lose this golden chance of grabbing one under a mouth shutting price. Enjoy.